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Legacy Products

Legacy Products

Eaton is committed to a policy of continuous improvement for all of its manufactured products. The information contained on these legacy product pages is meant to provide reference data for discontinued items from the MTL product line only.

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4850 Master Clock

The 4850 Master Clock provides global time synchronisation of multiple System 9000TS Sequence of Events…

8000 2/x Power Supplies

A range of AC and DC input power supplies specially designed to suit MTL8000 applications.

8000 2/x Process I/O™

Carriers distribute power and communications to the I/O modules in 8000 Remote Process I/O systems,…

8000 Module Carriers and Cables

Carriers distribute power and communications to the I/O modules.

8000 Software

A method for configuring Profibus and Modbus BIMs in a remote I/O node.

9211-ET Tofino™ Hardware Security Appliance

A hardware appliance designed to operate in a harsh and hazardous environment.

9331-TI 8-channel temperature multiplexer

The 9331-TI fieldbus multiplexer is a field-mounted temperature input block for 2- and 3- wire…

Antenna Protection - CA range

CA range devices provide protection of radio transmitters and receivers connected to coaxial feeders.

Azonix Drilling Unit (ADU)

The Azonix Drilling Unit is an application specific tool for use in the oil and…

Barracuda 19” BOP

The Barracuda BOP (Blow Out Protection) is an application specific rig-floor computer.

Barracuda Lite Workstation

The Barracuda Lite is available in 15" and 19" versions.

Bus Interface Modules (BIM’s) - Legacy

The Bus Interface Module (BIM) communicates between the IO modules and the host controller.

Classic Redundant Fieldbus Power Supplies

Multi segment power supplies for fieldbus networks

DA135 Series LED Beacons

The DA135 LED Beacon provides an ultra-bright LED flash to warn of abnormal events in…

DA149 IS Relay

For isolated signal transfer between safe and hazardous areas, with galvanically isolated interface requiring no…

DA170 Intrinsically Safe LED Clusters

Reliable, high brightness visual indication for hazardous and safe areas, available in six super-bright colours.…

DA180 Range Intrinsically Safe Giant LED Clusters

The DA180 provides extremely clear visual indication of process control conditions for both safe and…

DF30 - Display Facias

The DF30 is available in three different window sizes; any combination of these window sizes…

DFR30IS Intrinsically Safe Display Facia

Based on our field proven DF30, the DFR30IS Intrinsically Safe Display Facia provides a clear…


Redundant fieldbus power for Yokogawa CENTRUM 3000 R3 control system.

Fieldbus Test Equipment 1

Fieldbus diagnostic tools from the industry's leading supplier.

FNICO Power Supplies

For live-workable fieldbus networks in Zone 2 and Division 2 hazardous areas.

Gasfill 10 - Argon, Xenon and Krypton IG Filling Machine

Fill IG units with Argon (Ar), Xenon (Xe) or Krypton (Kr) gases

Gasfill 30 - Argon, Xenon and Krypton IG Filling Machine

Fill IG units with Argon (Ar), Xenon (Xe) or Krypton (Kr) gases

Gasfill 60 - Argon, Xenon and Krypton IG Filling Machine

Fill IG units with Argon (Ar), Xenon (Xe) or Krypton (Kr) gases

GIR5000 - Landfill and Biogas Monitoring Analyser (Wall Mount)

The ATEX certified GIR5000 is a 2 or 3 gas version analyser used for the…

GIR5500 - Landfill and Biogas Monitoring Analyser (Wall Mount)

The ATEX certified GIR5500 can be supplied as a single or four gas version analyser…

HART Customised Solutions

HART interface designs to suit specific applications and systems.

Intrinsically Safe Fieldbus Barriers (Legacy)

(Legacy Products) NEW MTL Fieldbus Barrier provides live-working ability in hazardous areas.

IR600 - Infrared Gas Analyzer (Wall Mount)

IR600 analysers continuously monitor carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide or methane in concentrations ranging from 100%…

IS Ethernet Wireless Access Point/Bridge

Our MTL Intrinsically safe (I.S.) wireless solutions provide completely safe wireless operation in hazardous areas.

LN1000 - Intrinsically Safe Annunciator

For indication of alarms in any zone, the LN1000 provides all alarm and contact information,…

LS range (Legacy)

Protection for LS lighting systems. Compact package with series or parallel connection models.

MA3100 Series (Legacy Products)

This cost effective surge protector is for applications described by IEC 61312 where the surge…

MA3350 DC range

The MA3350 DC is ideal for DC applications where high surge current surge protection is…

MAPtest 3050 - Modified Atmosphere Food Gas Analyser (Bench Top)

The MAPtest 3050 is one of the most advanced modified atmosphere packaging analysers of its…

MTL (SR) Series

Products that come with certified reliability data, giving the safety system designer a known quantity.


MTL ExLAN is a simple and compact Intrinsically Safe (IS) 10/100Mbps Ethernet Interface intended to…

MTL2000 range

The MTL2000 range of isolators are mains powered, DIN-rail or surface mounting devices.

MTL3000 Series

MTL3000 Series interface units were a compact and easy-to-use means for communicating safely with process…

MTL4000 Series

The MTL4500 series, with enhanced functionality and features, has now replaced the MTL4000 series for…

MTL4500/5500 Range

Isolates hazardous and safe area circuits. Simplifies installation and avoids earth-loop problems.

MTL4700 Series

A range of multi-channel barriers designed specifically for backplane mounting.

MTL4840 range

The MTL4840 range HART multiplexer has now been superseded by their equivalent in the MTL4850…

MTL5000 range

Many MTL5000 modules have now been superseded by their equivalent in the new MTL5500 range.

MTL700 range

Please note some of this range is now discontinued or available for 'Last Time Buy'

MTL7000 Series

Award winning barrier design that created the slimmest barrier on the market. A compact, DIN…

MTL8000 1/1 BIM

The Bus Interface Module (BIM) supports connection to Profibus-DP masters. The LAN medium is implemented…

MTL8000 1/1 Bus Interface Module (BIM)

Profibus DP V1 Bus Interface Module. Redundant operation with additional module.

MTL8000 1/1 Field Enclosure

High quality, stainless steel field enclosure for the 16-module Node Services Carrier.

MTL8000 1/1 IS isolator

Provides a protective barrier between RS485 and RS485-IS

MTL8000 1/1 Modules

I/O modules offer AI, AO, DI, DO, TI and pulse /frequency input functions

MTL8000 1/1 Node Services Carrier

The carrier accommodates power supplies, redundant BIMs and up to 16 I/O modules.

MTL8000 1/1 Power Supplies

Converts locally available 24Vdc to power the I/O modules and their field circuits.

MTL830 range Multiplexers

MTL830 range multiplexers with Modbus outputs avoid the need to isolate each instrument loop. Reduce…

MTL951 Hazardous area connectors

Ex d e hazardous area plug and socket connectors permit live connection & disconnection.

NEX7250 Zone 2 Alarm Annunciator

Another unique product designed and manufactured under the ATEX directive to the European Type "n"…

P861 - Intrinsically Safe LED Lamp

Suitable for all zones, certified to EEx ia IIC T4 to CENELEC standards.

Process Junction Boxes (legacy)

Spacious junction boxes designed for fieldbus wiring components and multiplexers.

ProPanel® MP2030 15” Workstation

The MP2030 range is available in standard configurations, Zone 1 / Zone 2 and Safe…

ProPanel® MP2030 SA

The ProPanel® MP2030 is a compact computer with an integrated display.

ProPanel® MP2030Z1 Workstation

The ProPanel® MP2030 is a full-featured computer with integrated LCD display.

ProPanel® MP2040Z1 Workstation

The ProPanel® MP2040 Computer with internal SMARTpurge system.

ProPanel® MP2100 Workstation

The ProPanel® MP2100 Computer System is designed for mission-critical applications in hazardous environments.

ProPanel® TC2100 Thin Client

Targeted at MWD/LWD, mud logging and data-rich applications in Zone 1 areas.

ProShield range

The ProShield provides ultimate configurable protection with seven high performance AC mains/power outlets (US style)…

Rack Shield range

The Rackshield surge protection solution provides modular protection for up to 12 ports in a…

Serial I/O interface

Our wireless serial I/O interfaces provide an easy way to connect sensors, transducers and switches.

System 9000TS Sequence of Events Recorder

The 9000TS Sequential Event Recorder leads the way with the latest technically advanced 1ms event…

Tofino™ CMP - Central Management Platform

Tofino™ CMP is an easy-to-use Windows-based software tool that configures and monitors Tofino™ SA's.

Tofino™ LSM - Loadable Security Modules

Dynamic firmware modules that can be downloaded into the Tofino™ Security Appliance.

TS Series

TS Series protection devices provide full 10 pair surge protection in a single compact unit.

Wireless Ethernet

We provide a range of Ethernet modems for safe and hazardous areas.

Wireless I/O

Simple wireless I/O connecting signals over long or short distances.

Wireless Serial Modems

Serial interfacing is one of the most well supported data transfer methods between industrial devices.

Z1110 - Rapid Response Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer (Wall Mount)

The Z1110 rapid response zirconia oxygen analyser is fully auto ranging from percentage levels to…

Z4010 - Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Portable (Transportable)

The Z4010 portable oxygen analyser measures a wide range of oxygen concentrations from percentage levels…

ZoneDefender Curve

The ZoneDefender Curve range surge suppressor is specifically designed for applications that require a Type…