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GIR5000 - Landfill and Biogas Monitoring Analyser (Wall Mount)

Please note that this product has been discontinued. The information contained on this page is for reference use only.

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  • For measuring oxygen, methane and carbon dioxide gas
  • Alarms for all measurements and sample flow
  • 4 to 20mA outputs for all measurements
  • Optional safety alarm and shut-down system

The GIR5000 gas landfill monitoring system is a gas analyzer unit for measuring and monitoring the concentrations of oxygen and methane in landfill gas and biogas. As an option, the concentration of carbon dioxide can also be monitored. Used for:

  • Landfill gas monitoring devices-methane
  • Hazardous components in landfill gas
  • Landfill safety
  • Landfill gas monitor
  • Landfill gas
  • Landfill gases
  • Landfill health effects
  • Landfill pollution

Sample conditioning in the basic unit is provided by an external coalescing filter and water catch-pot assembly. When the external temperature is below 35oC (the internal temperature of the analyser) this technique is the most economic. For situations where the sample temperature at source is significantly higher than the ambient temperature, and the sample is saturated with water, an optional sample cooler can be fitted.

Analogue outputs and alarms are provided for all gases measured.

The sample flow is monitored and alarmed by an electronic flow meter. Adjustment and indication for the flow is provided by a front- panel mounted indicator and needle valve arrangement. The system is suitable for sample pressures down to 2Ombar gauge. A pump is available as an option for samples with a lower source pressure.

Enhanced safety is provided by an optional flammable gas detector and shut-down system. When this option is fitted, any leakage of a flammable gas within the analyser’s enclosure is detected, causing the power to be shut off from the instrument, and simultaneously causing a solenoid valve to stop the sample flow. A set of volt free relay contacts is used to indicate this situation. For further security the system must be reset manually from this condition.

An IP667-rated wall-mounting GRP enclosure is used to package the instrument. The LCD, alarm indicators and sample flow meter are clearly visible through the windowed door.

Easy service access is provided by mounting the electronics and parts of the sample handling system on an internal hinged door, and the sample filter externally.

Other Hitech products for landfill gas monitoring include the G1010 for oxygen measurement and the lR600 Series for methane and carbon dioxide. See data sheets HPS129 and HPS105 respectively for more details of these devices.

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