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Every HART® field device is capable of providing significant data about its performance and the process it is controlling. Don’t ignore such a valuable asset!

If you have smart field devices installed and you are not making full use of their capabilities, then you need MTL’s HART® connection system. Our MTL HART® products provide the connections between the HART® field instruments, the control systems and the process automation maintenance software. MTL’s HART® multiplexer system provides on-line access from a PC to the HART® field devices for monitoring device performance. HART® devices may be selected for regular status monitoring and alerts to be issued if the status changes.

Our HART® CONNECTIONS strip the HART® digital signal from the 4-20mA signal (which passes to the control system unscathed) and sends it directly to your maintenance PC. Thus giving you access to the benefits offered by the latest powerful configuration and predictive maintenance software.

  • For process control systems using traditional I/O installations, the NEW MTL4851 and MTL4852 HART® Connection System is the ideal HART® solution for new installations or upgrades, either intrinsically safe or general purpose applications.
  • For connection to signals of safety shutdown systems the MTL4850 is the ideal multiplexer with full third party verification of its suitability.
  • When you need simultaineous access to several field devices, such as when testing valve positioners, then the NEW MTL4854 is the multiplexer to use.

When it comes to HART Multiplexers, we offer the most cost effective, reliable and flexible solutions for every application and industry. From Siberian oil fields to Mexican power plants, MTL HART Multiplexers provide the optimum solution.

A typical small 16-channel system is illustrated below.

A typical HART Mux 16 channel system

Multiplexers offer an extremely flexible and reliable system which can handle anything from a handful to thousands of HART devices on one network.

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HART Software
The MTL Generic Comms DTM (Device Type Manager) enables MTL HART® connection systems to pass HART data to any Instrument Maintenance Software (IMS) packages utilising the FDT/DTM concept. Aimed at Instrument and Maintenance Engineers who wish to continue to save costs by utilising on-line HART® data, the Comms DTM software is developed to the FDT specification v1.2.1.

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Displaying products in MTL HART Interfacing

MTL4851 & MTL4852 HART multiplexers

The MTL4851/52 HART connection system is the system of choice for unrivalled flexibility.

MTL4854 Multi-modem multiplexer

MTL4854 multi-modem HART multiplexer for simultaneous communications giving more access to valuable data.

MTL4850 SIL3 multiplexer

A simple interface between smart devices in the field and instrument management software.