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Demonstration Videos

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Change firewall rules online on your Tofino Security Appliance using a DI contact

Using the digital input signal on your Tofino SA, you can modify your firewall ruleset while Tofino is in full operation. When the digital input is unpowered, the standard ruleset applies. When you apply voltage to the input, another set of rules becomes operational.

The video shows how to enable the use of DI in the Tofino configurator, as well as how to connect and switch the rules using the DI input.


MTL SD Modular

Introducing the MTL SD Modular (SDM) range of data & signal surge protection providing the ultimate surge protection solution for process automation, instrumentation and communications networks.


MTL1000 range

The NEW MTL1000 range of signal conditioning isolators and accessories are designed to help protect field instruments and control systems to provide safe, reliable and high-quality process communications.

Barracuda 15 Workstation Gen 2

This video introduces the second generation of the Azonix Barracuda 15 workstation. Learn how this ruggedised workstation, suitable for harsh and hazardous environments, and its enhanced features can help you to increase reliability and optimise productivity within your plant or rig processes. The Azonix Barracuda is built to take on the challenges of today’s oil & gas industry and is certified for installation across the globe.


This video introduces the new and innovative modular MTL GIR6000 Biogas analyser along with applications of a typical Biogas plant. Understand how this exciting new analyser can help you to optimise your plant efficiency in one quick and easy installation.


This video introduces the new and unique modular MTL GECMA RT remote operating terminal for Ex zone 1/2/22. Understand how this exciting new product can help you to optimise productivity, reduce your costs and increase safety.


RTKP725 Mechanical Frame Comparison

The RTKP725 frame has been updated to include new mechanical construction that does not impact electrical functionality. This video demonstration shows how alarm card and LED assemblies are backwards compatible from the new to old frame and vice versa.

Keeping your fieldbus network healthy with MTL’s F809F-Plus diagnostics module

This video will help you to understand how the F809F-Plus diagnostic module from MTL can help you to reduce the risk of lost production and keep your FOUNDATION™ fieldbus network healthy.
FOUNDATION™ fieldbus is widely used in the process industries as a digital network for the control of field instrumentation. It delivers true multi-drop capability and high signal integrity. Diagnostic information on the health of instrument sensors and actuators is provided in real-time to indicate a good, bad or uncertain status for each measurement. However, the network itself is at risk if the ‘physical layer’ electrical network is not robust. Here, failure could lead to the loss of complete segments containing multiple field devices, with the risk of lost production. MTL’s F809F-Plus gives you peace of mind that the health of your FOUNDATION™ fieldbus network is being continually monitored, and that emerging faults will be automatically announced.

Redundant Fieldbus Barrier Product demonstration 9377-FB-R

Now, for the first time, MTL gives users the choice of specifying redundant Fieldbus Barriers for fieldbus segments that are critical to the ‘up-time’ of the process. By duplicating the barrier function in the remote field enclosure, the units will tolerate hardware failures without interrupting the operation of the fieldbus segment. In the event of a fault, notification is provided to the host control system, prompting replacement of the failed hardware and the restoration of full redundancy.

MTL Surge Technologies Introduction

First of many MTL you tube module on how to protect your Business from Lightening & Surge damage

MTL Industrial Security Solution Live Demonstration

Live recorded demonstration of the Tofino Security Appliance from MTL Instruments.

Redundant FISCO live demonstration

Introduction to the new Redundant FISCO power supply solution from MTL Instruments.

Foundation Fieldbus Barrier from MTL Instruments

This video demonstrates the most innovative Fieldbus Barrier on the market today. You will see how easy and simple it is to install and maintain.