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Hospitals, Banks, Schools and Manufacturing sites rely upon trouble free operation of electronics and electrical equipment to provide their services. Down-time and unreliability lead to loss of service, which in some situations can be mission critical, therefore, surge protection needs to be employed to mitigate these risks.

We aim to provide solutions to keep the commercial arena operation both reliable and protected from damage to business systems caused by transients and surges.

Lightning protection for the building fabric has long been the first defence. Putting current, high speed, electronic equipment and networks inside these buildings adds a further risk. The protection of the building fabric may not be enough and surge protection is required to do what the Lightning protection system cannot. High speed data communications is the cornerstone of most modern businesses and with wider and wider networks it is becoming the most vulnerable area for surge and transients.

With our wealth of knowledge and understanding, we develop solutions which keep communications systems running and hardened to the invasion of surges.