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Keeping your fieldbus network healthy with MTL’s F809F-Plus diagnostics module

This video will help you to understand how the F809F-Plus diagnostic module from MTL can help you to reduce the risk of lost production and keep your FOUNDATION™ fieldbus network healthy.
FOUNDATION™ fieldbus is widely used in the process industries as a digital network for the control of field instrumentation. It delivers true multi-drop capability and high signal integrity. Diagnostic information on the health of instrument sensors and actuators is provided in real-time to indicate a good, bad or uncertain status for each measurement. However, the network itself is at risk if the ‘physical layer’ electrical network is not robust. Here, failure could lead to the loss of complete segments containing multiple field devices, with the risk of lost production. MTL’s F809F-Plus gives you peace of mind that the health of your FOUNDATION™ fieldbus network is being continually monitored, and that emerging faults will be automatically announced.

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