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MTL4700 Series

Please note that this product has been discontinued. The information contained on this page is for reference use only.

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The MTL4700 Series of safety barriers are multi-channel devices designed for close integration of intrinsic safety into process systems. Combining the compact ‘plug-in’ design concept of the MTL4000 Series of isolators with the circuit designs of the well-known MTL700 Series of barriers, the new barriers provide exceptionally high packing densities allied to proven reliability – so reducing space requirements and weight loading without sacrificing performance.

  • Multi-channel modules save space
  • Backplane mounting simplifies cabling
  • Standard & custom backplanes
  • High integrity earth connections
  • Removable hazardous area connector

Products in this range do not conform to ATEX Directive 94/9/EC and have been discontinued.

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Product Code Description Downloads
MTL4700   MTL4700 Series Common Specification Datasheet 
MTL4706+   2ch - 2-wire 4/20mA & smart Tx Datasheet 
MTL4715+   4ch - 12V DC applications Datasheet 
MTL4722+   4ch - 18V DC applications Datasheet 
MTL4728–   4ch - negative & floating supplies Datasheet 
MTL4728+   4ch - digital or 4/20mA outputs Datasheet 
MTL4755ac   3ch - 3-wire RTD applications Datasheet 
MTL4760ac   2x2ch - two thermocouples/AC sensors/4-wire RTD Datasheet 
MTL4763Pac   3x2ch - strain-gauge bridges Datasheet 
MTL4778ac   2x2ch - 2-wire DC & AC systems Datasheet 
MTL4781+   4ch+1 - 4 switches + 1 supply Datasheet 
MTL4787+   2x2ch - multi-purpose inputs/outputs Datasheet 
MTL4787P+   2x2ch - hi-power multi-purpose inputs/outputs Datasheet 
MTL4788+   2x2ch - 4/20mA Tx Datasheet 
MTL4788R+   2x2ch - 4/20mA Tx + voltage output Datasheet 
MTL4796–   2x2ch - vibration probes Datasheet 
MTL4799   Dummy barrier Datasheet