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MTL3000 Series

Please note that this product has been discontinued. The information contained on this page is for reference use only.

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MTL3000 Series interface units offered a compact and easy-to-use means for communicating safely with process measuring, indicating, actuating and local control equipment in hazardous areas. The comprehensive range of models included analogue, switch and serial-digital signals in both directions, amplifying or otherwise conditioning them as required and at the same time providing world wide certified explosion protection for equipment and wiring in all zones and all explosive atmospheres. It also provided an alternative to the shunt-diode safety barrier where isolation was essential or preferred or a high-integrity earth was not readily available.

The MTL5500 Series are the recommended replacements for this series.

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Product Code Description Downloads
MTL 3000   MTL 3000 Series Common Specification Datasheet 
MTL 3000   MTL 3000 Series Cable Parameters Datasheet 
MTL 3000   MTL 3000 Series Accessories & Enclosures Datasheet 
MTL3011   Switch/proximity detector relay - volt-free contacts Datasheet 
MTL3012   Switch/proximity detector relay - solid state Datasheet 
MTL3013   Switch/proximity detector relay - 2-channel Datasheet 
MTL3014   Switch/proximity detector relay - dual outputs Datasheet 
MTL3021_22   Solenoid/alarm driver ~ IIC loop powered Datasheet 
MTL3041   Repeater power supply - 4/20mA for 2-wire transmitters Datasheet 
MTL3042   DC isolator - 4/20mA loop powered for I/P converters Datasheet 
MTL3043   DC isolator - 1/40mA for fire and smoke detctors Datasheet 
MTL3045   Isolating driver - 4/20mA for I/P converters Datasheet 
MTL3046B   Repeater power supply - for ‘smart’ transmitters Datasheet 
MTL3052   Digital isolator - for signals up to 10kHz Datasheet 
MTL3054   Communications isolator/ repeater Datasheet 
MTL3058_59   Serial data interface ~ RS232 general purpose Datasheet 
MTL3071   Temperature converter ~ THC or emf input Datasheet 
MTL3072   Temperature converter ~ 3-wire RTD input Datasheet 
MTL3073   Temperature converter ~ THC or RTD input Datasheet 
MTL3081   Millivolt isolator - for low-level inputs Datasheet 
MTL3099   Dummy isolator - for terminating and isolating unused cores Datasheet 
MTL3992   High stability power supply Datasheet