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Tofino™ LSM - Loadable Security Modules

Please note that this product has been discontinued. The information contained on this page is for reference use only.

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Loadable Security Modules - LSM’s - are firmware modules that are downloaded into the Tofino™ Security Appliance to implement the desired security features for each location in the control network.

Currently, there are five LSM’s available for Tofino™:

OPC Enforcer LSM

  • First-ever application of connection tracking technology to industrial protocols
  • Programmable data connection delay period to shut down unused connections
  • Supports multiple OPC clients and servers
  • Manage all traffic on systems that use OPC DA, HDA, A&E, DX or XML-DA
  • Secure data transfers to and from data historians and supervisory applications
  • Combine with Tofino VPN LSM for secure remote OPC connections

Firewall LSM

  • Implements traffic filtering for TCP, UDP and non-IP communications protocols
  • Advanced traffic filtering, such as rate filtering, via Byres-supplied special rules
  • One-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many addresses in rules
  • Implements unique Test mode to permit testing firewall rules without risk of blocking critical network traffic
  • Blocked traffic is reported to Tofino™ CMP via rate-limited exception heartbeats
  • Broadcast and multicast rules supported

Secure Asset Manager LSM

  • Passive Asset Discovery detects network assets without active scanning or polling
  • Reports IP address, MAC address, network location of discovered assets
  • Matches asset OUI against CMP device database to assist user in identifying assets by vendor
  • Download list of discovered assets into CSV file for auditing and report generation
  • Assisted Rule Generation provides a ‘wizard’ to help users easily create new firewall rules from firewall exception heartbeats

MODBUS Enforcer™ Deep Packet Inspection LSM

  • Advanced filtering and inspection of MODBUS traffic
  • Performs sanity check on MODBUS commands
  • Control systems engineer may specify permitted MODBUS function codes for each MODBUS connection
  • Control system engineer may specify permitted MODBUS register/coil address range or value for each permitted function code
  • World’s first content inspection tool for industrial protocols

Virtual Private Network (VPN) LSM

  • Creates highly secure tunnels using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect control system integrity
  • Allows testing of the VPN tunnel without committing control traffic to it
  • Interoperates seamlessly with other Tofino LSMs to provide fine grained VPN access and SCADA-capable firewall protection
  • Easy to deploy, test, and manage with drag and drop configuration interface
  • Supports legacy automation protocols

Event Logger LSM

  • Provides triple redundancy by simultaneously recording security events to syslog servers, a Tofino CMP server, and local SA memory
  • Protects event information even if communication links are interrupted
  • Enables a Tofino SA to hold up to 20,000 security events and alarms in its memory
  • Logs sent to a syslog server can be transported using UDP, TCP, or TLS protocols
Product Code Description Downloads
9520-EL   Event Logger LSM Datasheet 
9520-FW   Statefull Firewall Module Datasheet 
9520-MBT   Modbus “Enforcer” LSM Datasheet 
9520-OPC   OPC “Enforcer” LSM Datasheet 
9520-SAM   Secure Asset Management LSM Datasheet 
9520-VPN   Virtual Private Network (VPN) LSM Datasheet