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Z4010 - Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Portable (Transportable)

Please note that this product has been discontinued. The information contained on this page is for reference use only.

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  • Measures from 100% to less than 1ppm
  • Fast response time of less than 5s for 90% change
  • Fully auto-ranging
  • Fully programmable analogue output
  • IP67 Rating

The Z4010 fully auto-ranging portable oxygen analyzer measures a wide range of oxygen concentrations from percentage levels to less than ppm in clean nonreactive gas mixtures. The zirconia oxygen sensor has a fast response time of less than 5s for a 90% change. Its robust carrying case, fast warm up time and switchable supply voltage provide an ideal solution for on-the-spot oxygen monitoring applications.

A large multi-digit, auto-ranging LCD is used to display measured concentrations and also user-adjustable parameters for alarm and analogue output configuration. A programmable analogue output provides an easy means to log results where necessary.

Two alarms channels, user-configurable for high, low or off states and hysteresis, each provide one set of volt free changeover contacts. They can be set to any concentration within the span of the instrument. A choice of two analogue outputs is available, 0 to 5V or 4 to 20mA, each with several pre-set ranges. Sample flow adjustment and monitoring are built-in, along with a sample pump for applications with a low sample pressure.

The sampling system is a simple needle valve and flowmeter. Options include: sample pump, fast flow loop system, syringe injection port. We also supply a range of sample conditioning accessories to cater for most sample sources.

Please note: the Z4010 Oxygen Analyser is only available outside of Europe and the European Economic Area (EEA).

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