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MTL8000 1/1 Bus Interface Module (BIM)

Please note that this product has been discontinued. The information contained on this page is for reference use only.

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The Bus Interface Module (BIM) supports connection to Profibus-DP masters. The LAN medium is implemented as intrinsically safe RS485, supported via an IS interface in the safe area. Multi-dropping of nodes is possible in both the safe and hazardous areas - up to 13 remote I/O nodes may be multi-dropped in the hazardous area from one intrinsically safe interface unit. Each BIM has a single Profibus LAN.

Where supported by the host system, a second BIM may be added to implement redundant LAN media and BIM capability. An IS interface unit is required in the safe area for each LAN.

The Bus Interface Module is easily configured from the Profibus-DP master with the user parameterisation capability of Profibus. The system is also capable of supporting Profibus-DP V1 which will allow more flexible configuration options with DP V1 masters. With masters using FDT/DTM based configuration over Profibus-DP V1, a single database holds configuration of the controller, I/O and HART field devices, offering, in an open system using MTL8000 I/O, one of the key benefits of a DCS.

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Product Code Description Downloads
850-BI-DP   PROFIBUS DP-V1 Bus Interface Module Datasheet 
858-PF-DP   Intrinsically Safe PROFIBUS-DP connector Datasheet