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MTL8000 1/1 Node Services Carrier

Please note that this product has been discontinued. The information contained on this page is for reference use only.

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The Node Services Carrier accommodates primary and redundant power supplies, primary and redundant BIMs and up to 16 I/O modules, providing up to 128 DI channels or 64 AI/TI/AO/DO channels per node.

The carrier is supported by a strong, lightweight extruded aluminium platform, which provides excellent mechanical stability and ruggedness.

An environmentally hardened, stainless steel field enclosure is available to accommodate the 16-module Node Services Carrier. The enclosure is certified EEx e (increased safety) in order to provide the required level of protection for the power supply input terminals on the carrier, which are certified as EEx e components.

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Product Code Description Downloads
870-CA-16   Node Services Carrier, 16-module Datasheet