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8000 Module Carriers and Cables

Please note that this product has been discontinued. The information contained on this page is for reference use only.

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Carriers are the building blocks on which the MTL8000 system is assembled. They distribute the basic power supply services to the modules, and provide the communications route between the Bus Interface Module (BIM) or Controller and the I/O modules. Most carriers can be mounted on DIN rail or directly to a flat surface and may be joined end-to-end to extend the size of an installation. Multipin connectors at the end of each carrier carry the system power supply and internal ‘Railbus’ communications across to the next carrier. All I/O module carriers have their own independent grounding busbar, with screw terminals, to terminate the screens/shields of field-wiring cables. At each end of the bar there is a separate terminal to enable it to be linked to other carriers, or to the system ground, as required.

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8011-CC-35   IS carrier extender cable, 0.35m Datasheet 
8012-CC-85   IS carrier extender cable, 0.85m Datasheet 
8013-CC-12   IS carrier extender cable, 1.2m Datasheet 
8016-CC-35   IS power extension cable, 0.35m Datasheet 
8017-CC-85   IS power extension cable, 0.85m Datasheet 
8018-CC-12   IS power extension cable, 1.2m Datasheet 
8030-CE-RH   Carrier Extender (right hand) Datasheet 
8031-CE-LH   Carrier Extender (left hand) Datasheet 
8032-CC-35   IS carrier extension cable set, 0.35m Datasheet 
8033-CC-85   IS carrier extension cable set, 0.85m Datasheet 
8034-CC-12   IS carrier extension cable set, 1.2m Datasheet 
8723-CA-RB   Railbus Isolator carrier Datasheet 
8724-CA-PS   IS module power supply carrier Datasheet 
2/1 Carriers and Cables
8720-CA-04   IS 4-module carrier (32-slot addressing) Datasheet 
8727-CA-08   IS 8-module carrier (32-slot addressing) Datasheet 
8729-CA-08   IS 8-module carrier (64-slot addressing) Datasheet 
2/2 Carriers and Cables
8001-CC-35   Carrier extender cable 0.35m Datasheet 
8002-CC-85   Carrier extender cable 0.85m Datasheet 
8003-CC-12   Carrier extender cable 1.2m Datasheet 
8020-CE-RH   Carrier Extender (right hand) Datasheet 
8021-CE-LH   Carrier Extender (left hand) Datasheet 
8701-CA-BI   Multi BIM carrier Datasheet 
8707-CA-08   8-module carrier (32-slot addressing) Datasheet 
8709-CA-08   8-module carrier (64-slot addressing) Datasheet 
8710-CA-04   4-module carrier (32-slot addressing) Datasheet 
8750-CA-NS   EBIM carrier Datasheet