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Zone 2 Installation range

Displaying products in Zone 2 Installation range

8000 2/2 Modules

2/2 IO modules are used for field wiring from safe (non-hazardous) areas.

8000 2/1 Modules

2/1 I/O modules are used for Zone 0/Zone 1/Div 1 field wiring

8000 Field Terminals

Replaceable unit chosen to suit the field wiring and the IO module.

8000 Module Carriers and Cables

Carriers distribute power and communications to the I/O modules.

8000 2/x Power Supplies

A range of AC and DC input power supplies specially designed to suit MTL8000 applications.

8000 Railbus Isolator

Provides galvanic isolation of the comms bus for the IO modules with IS field wiring.

Bus Interface Modules (BIM’s)

The Bus Interface Module (BIM) communicates between the IO modules and the host controller.

8000 Software

A method for configuring Profibus and Modbus BIMs in a remote I/O node.