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Please note that this product has been discontinued. The information contained on this page is for reference use only.

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For applications in Zone 2 and Division 2 hazardous areas, MTL’s Fieldbus Non-Incendive Concept (FNICO) brings the benefits of FISCO together with higher current levels, allowing yet more devices per trunk. Live-working is permissible without gas clearance, allowing devices to be connected or removed while under power. MTL FNICO supplies 9111-NI (IIC/Group A) and 9112-NI (IIB/Group C, D) repeat the H1/Profibus-PA signal as a non-incendive bus for connection to suitably approved field instruments in Zone 2 or Division 2. For easy integration of FNICO power supplies with DCS Fieldbus Interface Modules (FIMs), MTL supply Termination Boards that use the DCS client system interconnect cables. The boards support upto four power supplies and feature built-in segment terminators. Users wanting to connect to entity-only certified devices please refer to our spur connector range.

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Product Code Description Downloads
9111-NI   FNICO power supply ~ IIC Datasheet 
9112-NI   FNICO power supply ~ IIB Datasheet 
F656A   Non-redundant 2-segment Remote Termination Panel for use with Honeywell Experion PKS Fieldbus Datasheet 
FNICO-CS   FNICO Common Specification Datasheet 
FNICO-OV   Overview of FNICO power supplies Datasheet 
INM9110   FNICO Instruction Manual Manual