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MTL8000 1/1 IS isolator

Please note that this product has been discontinued. The information contained on this page is for reference use only.

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The 856-IS-DP provides a barrier between RS485 and RS485-IS to interface Standard Profibus DP and Intrinsically Safe Profibus DP.

With two IS channels it enables two BIM modules to operate in redundant mode and will support up to 13 MTL8000 1/1 nodes on the segment.

The 859-PL-DP connector (see 856-IS-DP datasheet) is designed for use on the IS Profibus side of the interface and can provide appropriate termination at that end of the segment. Pull-up and pull-down resistors are available in the 856-IS-DP for biasing where necessary.

Product Code Description Downloads
856-IS-DP   Profibus DP segment coupler Datasheet