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Please note that this product has been discontinued. The information contained on this page is for reference use only.

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Please note that the MTL5000 range has been terminated. The MTL5314 will be retained until further notice and supporting information can now be found in the MTL5500 range. All other products within the MTL5000 range have been superseded by their equivalent (see migration table) in the MTL5500 range. For new applications the MTL5500 modules are recommended, these offer all the benefits of greater efficiency, new multichannel modules and new functionality. See selection guide.

Product Termination Notice - Last Time Buy
Statement issued
28th September 2018
Replacements and notes
23 July 2018
MTL5516C + MPA5500

A number of the products in the MTL5000 range will continue to provide key functionality as part of our DIN rail isolator range.

For customers wishing to migrate to the MTL5500 range, a comprehensive list of module comparisons has been produced to assist the process. You can download our migration guide or click here to direct to our on-line product migration support page.

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Product Code Description Downloads
1. Intro
INM5000  MTL5000 Series Instruction Manual Manual 
MTL5000  MTL5000 Series Enclosures & Accessories Datasheet 
MTL5000  MTL5000 Series Common Specifications Datasheet 
MTL5000  MTL5000 Series Cable Parameters Datasheet 
2. Analogue Input
MTL5040  Loop isolator Datasheet 
MTL5041  Repeater power supply Datasheet 
MTL5042  Repeater power supply Datasheet 
MTL5043  Repeater power supply Datasheet 
MTL5044  Repeater power supply Datasheet 
2. Digital Input
MTL5018AC  Switch/proximity detector interface Datasheet 
3. Analogue Output
MTL5045  Isolating driver Datasheet 
MTL5046  Isolating driver Datasheet 
MTL5049  Isolating driver Datasheet 
4. Digital Input
MTL5011B  Switch/proximity detector interface Datasheet 
MTL5012  Switch/proximity detector interface Datasheet 
MTL5012S  Switch/proximity detector interface - United Electric series Datasheet 
MTL5014  Switch/proximity detector interface Datasheet 
MTL5015  Switch/proximity detector interface Datasheet 
MTL5017  Switch/proximity detector interface Datasheet 
MTL5018  Switch/proximity detector interface Datasheet 
MTL5113P  Failsafe switch/proximity detector interface Datasheet 
5. Digital Output
MTL5021  Solenoid/alarm driver Datasheet 
MTL5022  Solenoid/alarm driver Datasheet 
MTL5023  Solenoid/alarm driver Datasheet 
MTL5024  Solenoid/alarm driver Datasheet 
MTL5025  Solenoid/alarm driver Datasheet 
6. Temperature Input
MTL5074  Temperature converter Datasheet 
MTL5081  Millivolt/thermocouple isolator Datasheet 
MTL5082  Resistance isolator Datasheet 
7. General
MTL5031  Vibration transducer interface Datasheet 
MTL5032  Pulse isolator Datasheet 
MTL5061  Fire/smoke detector interface Datasheet 
MTL5099  Dummy isolator Datasheet 
MTL5344  Repeater power supply Datasheet 
MTL5349  Isolating Driver Datasheet 
9. General
MTL5053   Isolator/ power supply Datasheet