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MTL2000 range

Please note that this product has been discontinued. The information contained on this page is for reference use only.

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Please note that the MTL2000 range has been terminated. Visit the recommended replacement MTL5500 range and select below to view the equivalent product for new installations.

Product Termination Notice
Statement issued Last Time Buy
Replacements and notes
21 September
31st October 2016 for MTL2210B. MTL2213, MTL2215
Limited supply, available until stocks are exhausted
MTL2000 migration
Models: MTL2210B-120V, MTL2210B-240V, MTL2210B-24Vdc
21 September
Immediate effect
for all other MTL2000
models and accessories
MTL2000 migration
Models: MTL2210B, MTL2211, MTL2213, MTL2215 all versions
Accessories: SMC2 surface mounting clip
14 May 2010 Immediate effect MTL2000 migration
Models: MTL2441B and MTL2442B
30 July 2002 16th August 2002
MTL2000 migration
Models: MTL2212, MTL2220, MTL2241, MTL2242,
MTL2313, MTL2314, MTL2315, MTL2316

The MTL2000 range isolators were DIN-rail or surface mounting devices that were mechanically compatible with the earlier MTL3000 range. The range includes: IS relays for bringing back status or command signals from switches or proximity detectors and an IS relay to switch hazardous-area loads.

  • 230Vac or 115Vac supply
  • 250V input/output power supply isolation
  • No high-integrity earth required
  • Broken line and earth fault protection

This range is not certified for use in the EU, use MTL5500 range with MPA5500 for AC power input.

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Product Code Description Downloads
MTL2000   MTL2000 range Accessories Datasheet 
MTL2000   MTL2000 range Common Specifications & Cable Parameters Datasheet 
MTL2210B   Switch operated relay ~ 1-channel Datasheet 
MTL2211   Switch operated relay ~ 2-channel Datasheet 
MTL2213   Switch/proximity detector relay ~ 3-channel Datasheet 
MTL2215   Switch operated relay ~ IS output Datasheet 
MTL2220   Earth-leakage detector Datasheet 
MTL2241   Solenoid/alarm driver ~ 1-channel Datasheet 
MTL2242   Solenoid/alarm driver ~ 4-channel Datasheet 
MTL2313   Trip amplifier ~ general purpose Datasheet 
MTL2314   THC trip amplifier Datasheet 
MTL2315   RTD trip amplifier Datasheet 
MTL2316   Bonding integrity monitor Datasheet 
MTL2441B   4/20mA Repeater power supply Datasheet 
MTL2442B   4/20mA Isolating driver Datasheet