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MTL830 range Multiplexers

Please note that this product has been discontinued. The information contained on this page is for reference use only.

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The classic MTL830B range multiplexers with Modbus outputs avoid the need to isolate each instrument loop. Reduce the cost of installed wiring by up to 50`% by communicating the status of multiple hazardous-area sensors over dual-redundant data highways.

  • Save on the cost of installing hazardous-area cabling
  • Reduce installation time, space and weight
  • Rapid problem detection with status reporting systems
  • Sensor-failure detection and fail safe drive options
  • Serial-data outputs to host control system
  • AI to Modbus controllers

The MTL830B Multiplexer range is not RoHS compliant, hence will only be supplied for spares & repairs within the EU from July 2017. The MTL830C Multiplexer range is planned to launch in Q1 2018 and this will be RoHS compliant.

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Product Termination Notice - Last Time Buy
Statement issued
28th September 2018
for all other MTL830B models and accessories.
Replacements and notes
20 June 2018
MTL831B Analogue transmitter
MTL838B-MBF Analogue receiver, RS485 and/or RS422 outputs for Modbus
MTL838B-HON Analogue receiver, outputs for Honeywell LLMUX card
MTL838B-HKL Analogue receiver-Honeywell Sp
PCS83 PC software configuration package
Product Code Description Downloads
INM MTL838B-MBF   Modbus Receiver Instruction Manual Manual 
MTL830   Product description and specification Datasheet  Manual 
MTL830 Common Specs   Approvals and common specification Datasheet 
MTL830 Enclosures   Enclosures and accessories Datasheet 
PCS83   MTL830 Range Configuration Software Manual  File