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MTL700 range

Please note that this product has been discontinued. The information contained on this page is for reference use only.

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Please note that the MTL700 range has been terminated and the products listed in the Last Time Buy table below should only be purchased for maintenance purposes (spares and repairs). Visit the available MTL7700 range and click here to view the equivalent product for new installations.

Product Termination Notice - Discontinued products
Statement issued Discontinued products Replacements and notes
27 June 2016 Please note: The products listed below have been discontinued. The information on these products is for reference use only. MTL7700 range
Models: MTL706+, MTL707+, MTL707P+, MTL708+, MTL710-, MTL710+, MTL710AC, MTL722-, MTL722+, MTL728-, MTL728+, MTL728AC, MTL760AC, MTL761PAC, MTL764-, MTL764+, MTL764AC, MTL765AC, MTL766AC, MTL768-, MTL768+, MTL772AC, MTL778AC, MTL779-, MTL779+, MTL786+, MTL786-, MTL787-, MTL787+, MTL787S+, MTL787SPOS-JPN, MTL788-, MTL788+, MTL788R-, MTL788R+, MTL796-, MTL796+

Product Termination Notice - Last Time Buy
Statement issued Last Time Buy
Replacements and notes
27 June 2016 31st December 2017
for all other MTL700 models and accessories
MTL7700 range
Models: MTL710P-, MTL710P+, MTL715-, MTL715+, MTL715P+, MTL722P+, MTL728P+, MTL729P+, MTL751AC, MTL755AC, MTL758-, MTL758+, MTL761AC, MTL766PAC, MTL767-, MTL767+, MTL787SP+, MTL791, MTL799

Accessories: ADB7 MTL100 adaptor kit, DRK700 adaptor kit, ERB7 earth rail mounting bracket, EBB7 earth busbar, IMB7 insulating mounting block, MK05, MK12, MK20 mounting kits, MT02, MT05, MT12 enclosures, SMB7 insulating mounting block, SMC7 surface mounting clip, TAG7 tagging strip, TGL7 tagging strip label, TGS7 tagging strip seal, TQS7 torque spanner.

The MTL700 range, noted for its robust mounting and earthing arrangements and its field-proven circuitry, has become virtually an “industry standard” during its lifetime.

  • 1 or 2 channels in same slim package
  • Electronic protection prevents blown fuses
  • All models short-circuit proof
  • Fixed tagging & cable-screen earthing accessories
  • Certified to worldwide standards

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Product Code Description Downloads
  MTL700 range Accessories & Enclosures Datasheet 
  MTL700 range Cable Parameters Datasheet 
INM700   MTL700 range Instruction Manual Manual 
INS701   MK mounting kit instructions Manual 
MTL700   MTL700 range Datasheet