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MTL4840 range

Please note that this product has been discontinued. The information contained on this page is for reference use only.

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Product Termination Notice and Last Time Buy
Statement issued Last Time Buy Replacements and notes
4th September 2015 30th March 2016 MTL4850 range

The MTL4840 HART multiplexer has now been superseded by their equivalent in the MTL4850 range. For the existing MTL4840 range, you can click here to see a guide of maintenance options.

For new applications, the MTL4850 range is recommended, this offers benefits of simpler installation and superior functionality. Based on 16 channel modularity the system can be expanded to cover up to 7936 HART devices on one network.

The HART multiplexer provides the brains of the system and consists of a combination of two modules, the MTL4841 - HART communications module and MTL4842 - HART interface module. They provide the HART data interface between smart devices in the field and HART instrument management software running on a PC. The modules, which mount on to a range of HART backplanes, connect to the field devices via either HART connection units or IS backplanes depending on the application.

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Product Code Description Downloads
CPHx   HART backplanes - general purpose Datasheet 
MTL4840   HART communications modules Datasheet  Manual 
MTL4840 HART system   Options for maintenance of MTL4840 HART system File