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MA3100 Series (Legacy Products)

Please note that this product has been discontinued. The information contained on this page is for reference use only.

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This cost effective surge protector is for applications described by IEC 61312 where the surge protector could carry a partial share of the lightning surge current. The Class I devices, rated for 50kA (10/350µs), are deployed at the service entrance, followed by Class II rated devices at key power panels. Sensitive systems can then be locally protected by a Class III surge protector (such as an MA15).

  • Space saving design, DIN rail mounting
  • IEC Class I, II and III products available
  • Single pole Ipeak of 50kA (10/350µs) for Class I devices
  • Multiple pole Ipeak of >100kA (10/350µs) for Class I devices
  • Full range of AC mains power applications
  • Coordinated surge protection to IEC 61312; rated according to IEC 61643
Product Code Description Downloads
MA3160   1 pole Class I surge protection for IEC61312 applications Datasheet