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MTL Process Junction Boxes

Spacious junction boxes designed for fieldbus wiring components and multiplexers.

MTL951 Hazardous area connectors

Ex d e hazardous area plug and socket connectors permit live connection & disconnection.

F809F-Plus Fieldbus Diagnostics Module

The F809F-Plus Fieldbus diagnostics module monitors the performance of up to eight fieldbus segments providing…

ZoneSentinel range

The ZoneSentinel range is engineered for applications at distribution boards and small service locations and…

ZoneDefender PRO range

The ZoneDefender PRO range is a versatile, high performance surge protector designed for use in…

MA3100 range

This cost effective surge protector is for applications described by IEC 61312 where the surge…

MA30 range

The MA30 range of surge protection devices protects electronic equipment power supplies and computer networks…

MA15 range

The MA15 range of surge protection devices protects electronic equipment and computer networks against the…

MA05/10 range

The MA05/10 EMC/surge protection devices can be incorporated into, or mounted close to, individual items…

ZoneMaster range

The ZoneMaster range is available in units with either a 200 or 170kA surge handling…

TP32 & TP32-T

The TP32 and TP32-T are specifically designed to protect process transmitters and devices on Fieldbus…


FP32 devices provide surge protection along the Trunk or Spurs of fieldbus systems from damaging…

MA4000 range

The MA4000 is universally suitable for protection power supplies in hostile environments.

ZoneBarrier range-T

ZoneBarrier modular telecom protection devices provide a uniquely customer configurable port-by-port protection approach.

ZoneBarrier range-NC

Our ZoneBarrier range is a completely modular communication line protection system with a wide range…

RF protection

The AirGuard Series provides radio frequency surge protection.

Weighing System protection - LC30

The LC30 surge protector protects load cell and weighing system installations.

Challenger Remote PC’s

The CHALLENGER range of remote PC terminals set the standard for operation and visualisation in…

Explorer Remote PC’s

The EXPLORER range of hazardous area panel PC's are ideally suited to surviving the harsh…

MA3350 range

The MA3350 is ideal for AC or DC applications where high surge current surge protection…


The FS32 represents the leading edge of surge protection design. With its space saving profile…

Wireless Serial Modems

Serial interfacing is one of the most well supported data transfer methods between industrial devices.

Wireless I/O

Simple wireless I/O connecting signals over long or short distances.

Wireless Ethernet

We provide a range of Ethernet modems for safe and hazardous areas.

Hazardous Area 802.11

Our intrinsically safe (I.S.) wireless solutions provide completely safe wireless operation in hazardous areas.

Serial I/O interface

Our wireless serial I/O interfaces provide an easy way to connect sensors, transducers and switches.

Fieldbus Power Hub

The F11 is the next generation of the popular Power Hub.

ZoneMaster PRO

Type 1 products for complex protection requirements. 340 to 400kA surge current capacities.

ZoneMaster All-Mode

The ZoneMaster All-Mode range of surge protection devices combines unparalleled power handling capability, application versatility,…

Z1030 - Zirconia Oxygen Analyser with Remote Sensor (Panel Mount)

The Z1030 zirconia oxygen analyser measures a wide range of oxygen concentrations (from percentage levels…

Z130 - Rapid Response Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer (Rack Mount)

The Z130 rapid response zirconia oxygen analyser is fully auto ranging from percentage levels to…

Z230 - Rapid Response Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer (Bench Top)

The Z230 zirconia oxygen analyser measures a wide range of oxygen concentrations (from percentage levels…

K1550 - Hydrogen, Helium, Argon and Xenon Gas Analyzer (Panel Mount)

The ATEX certified K1550 accurately measures the changes of one gas constituent in gas mixtures…

K & KG6050 - Single or Dual Gas Analyser to measure Hydrogen, Helium and Argon

The K & KG6050 measures oxygen (O2) and any one of the following gases (…

KK650 - Hydrogen and Chlorine Gas Analyser for Chlor-Alkali Plants (Wall Mount)

The KK650 is designed to meet the challenges of measuring chlorine and hydrogen in all…

Z530 - Zirconia Oxygen Sensor for OEM applications

The Z530 OEM oxygen sensor measures oxygen over the range 0.01 ppm to 100% O2…

K522 - Thermal Conductivity (TCD) Gas Sensor for Hydrogen (H2), Helium (He), Argon(Ar) applications

The K522 is supplied with an ATEX certified stainless steel remote sensor and interface configuration…

Video Surveillance systems - CPAC range

Video surveillance systems are becoming one of the primary methods used in overall security protection…

725B Range Combined Annunciator and Event Recorder

Our latest, most innovative and advanced Alarm Annunciator is based on our field-proven 725 Range…

SIL725 Safety Annunciator

The SIL725 Safety Annunciator is designed and manufactured to provide a high safety integrity for…

725 Range - Programmable Alarm Annunciators

Our top selling FULLY programmable alarm annunciator, packed with advanced features in a modern ergonomic…

UC625 - Programmable Alarm Annunciator

The RTK UC625 Alarm System, developed from the field proven P625 range of Alarm Annunciators,…

Wall Mounting Alarm Annunciator System

The Wall Mounting Annunciator range is supplied as a finished Alarm System ready to mount…

P725LO - Display Facia

The P725LO Lamp Display uses the same fascia as our bestselling 725 range of Alarm…

PEX 7250 - Explosion Proof Alarm Annunciator

The PEX7250 Explosion Proof Alarm Annunciator offers a vast range of features and benefits normally…

24V DC Power Supply Units

Economical universal Power Supplies for conversion from a range AC and DC voltages.

SA5 Safe Area Multitone Sounder

The SA5 Safe Area Multitone Sounder is a cost effective, high output (up to 112dBA),…

AMS Alarm Management Software

The Alarm Management Software has been designed as a ready to use standard package to…

DB5 Intrinsically Safe Sounder

The DB5 Intrinsically Safe Sounder has a sound output greater than 100dBA and offers 26…

905U-1,2,3,4 Wireless I/O

The 905U and 805U simply and reliably communicate transducer and switch data by providing a…

245U-E Access point

The 245U-E enables Ethernet and serial device connectivity over an 802.11 wireless connection for network…

905U-D/805U-D Wireless Serial Data Modem

The 905U-D and 805U-D serial modems provide remote serial connectivity.

455U-D Wireless Serial Data Modem

The 455U-D serial modem is ideal for long range SCADA applications.

115S I/O Interface

The 115SS range of wireless I/O multiplexers provide an interface to MTL wireless networks for…

915U-2 Wireless Mesh Networking I/O & Gateway

The 915U-2 wireless mesh networking I/O and gateway is a multiple I/O node that extends…

945U-E and 805U-E Wireless High-Speed, Long-Range Ethernet Modem

The 945U-E and 805U-E Wireless Ethernet Modems are robust, license free wireless transceivers capable of…

105U-L I/O Count Transmitter and Receiver Pair

The ELPRO 105U-L-T (Transmitter) and 105U-L-R (Receiver) products feature a small I/O count, one-way and…

Dual Redundant Power Supply

The RT-AD range is based on two RT range Power Supplies to give the customer…

Redundant Fieldbus Power Supplies

High-density power supply systems for general purpose and 'High Energy Trunk' applications

MTL4851 & MTL4852 HART multiplexers

The MTL4851/52 HART connection system is the system of choice for unrivalled flexibility.

9202-ETS MTL Tofino™ industrial security solution

New second generation industrial security solution for protection against intentional and unintentional security incidents.

MTL4500 range

Backplane mounting, high efficiency isolating interfaces with system vendors in mind.

SD range

SD range of surge protection devices provide both fused protection against fault currents and a…

Single-Segment Fieldbus Power Supplies

DIN-rail power supplies for small/medium-scale networks, including 'eco-powered' applications.

MTL4600 range

Backplane mounting signal isolators for safe-area applications.

G1010 - Galvanic Oxygen Gas Analyzer (Panel Mount)

The G1010 oxygen analyzer uses a galvanic oxygen cell to measure oxygen over an exceptional…

MTL4854 Multi-modem multiplexer

MTL4854 multi-modem HART multiplexer for simultaneous communications giving more access to valuable data.

MTL5500 range

The very latest "core technology" in a DIN-rail mounting isolator.

Classic Single-Segment Power Supplies

Established FPS-D/DT and MTL5995 ranges for small/medium scale networks

MTL4850 SIL3 multiplexer

A simple interface between smart devices in the field and instrument management software.

MTL1000 range

Slimline, easy to install signal conditioning interfaces and trip amplifiers for general purpose applications

ZoneBarrier range-DS

ZoneBarrier modular telecom protection devices provide a uniquely customer configurable port-by-port protection approach.

Redundant FISCO Power Supplies

Power supply redundancy for Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept networks achieves class-leading levels of system availability.

Simplex FISCO Power Supplies

Classic Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe COncept (FISCO) power supplies provide fully live-workable networks in hazardous areas.

TP48 range

The TP48 surge protection device safeguards field-mounted process transmitters where it matters, right at the…

MTL5000 range

Many MTL5000 modules have now been superseded by their equivalent in the new MTL5500 range.

TP24/7 range

The TP4/7 surge protection device provides a level of protection for field-mounted transmitters that is…

TP-Pipe range

The TP-Pipe surge protection device safeguards field-mounted process transmitters where it matters, right at the…


The HW48 device safeguards Honeywell STT350 intelligent transmitters against surges and transients from field cabling.

SLP range

The multi-stage hybrid of the SLP range uses a combination of solid state electronics and…

IOP range

The IOP offers protection for both digital I/O and analog I/O. This is the most…

TP-AC range

The TP-AC range of surge protection devices uniquely provides a level of protection for AC…