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TP32 & TP32-T

The TP32 and TP32-T are specifically designed to protect process transmitters and devices on Fieldbus systems. The TP32 is a hybrid design consisting of high-power, solid state electronics and a gas discharge tube which is capable of diverting surges up to 10kA. For hazardous-area use, approvals for both intrinsically safe and flameproof (explosion proof) operation are available in all gas groups and apparatus temperature classifications up to T6. The terminated TP32-T has the same protection circuit as the standard product, but also includes a Foundation Fieldbus termination circuit. This unique combination eliminates the need to purchase and install additional termination circuitry for the FF segment.

  • Fieldbus specific - meets the requirements of IEC61158-2:2000 and ANSI/ISA-50.02-2 1992
  • TP32-T includes a terminator for Fieldbus in addition to surge protection
  • Easy and direct mounting - simply screws into a spare conduit entry on the transmitter
  • Parallel connection for zero voltage drop across device
  • ATEX approved, certified FISCO terminator
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intrinsically safe logo Symbol denotes that the equipment is suitable for use in hazardous area applications.
fsm logo Symbol denotes that the product has been assessed for functional safety applications

TP32_TP32-T   Fieldbus transmitter surge protection Datasheet  Manual  Safety Manual