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Product Termination Notice and Last Time Buy
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14th December 2015 30th June 2016 MTL F10x Series

The MTL5995-PS, FPS-DT and FPS-D have now been superseded by the MTL F10x Series of single-segment fieldbus power supplies. For new applications, the MTL F10x  Series is recommended, this offers benefits of simpler installation and superior functionality. 

The MTL5995-PS isolated fieldbus power supply is a compact, DIN-rail mounting unit providing plug in connectors to simplify installation and maintenance.

The FPS-DT or the FPS-D dual fieldbus power supply powers two independent fieldbus segments. They consist of a Dual Coupler base and two plug-in Isolated Power Modules. The function of the Dual Coupler Base is to:

  • Bring in two sources of input 24 VDC power
  • Provide the mechanical mounting and the electrical connection for two Isolated Power Modules
  • Provide network cable connection to the Host and to the network’s field segment for each fieldbus segment
  • Monitor the power supply and segment operation and generate an alarm in case of failure

Two Isolated Power Modules, or IPMs, plug into the base. Each provides galvanically isolated, fieldbus-conditioned power to its fieldbus segment. Each IPM can provide up to 350 mA at a minimum of 25 V dc of power.

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FPS-D_DT   Fieldbus Isolated Dual Power Supplies Datasheet  Manual 
MTL5995   Fieldbus power supply Datasheet