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FNICO Power Supplies

For live-workable fieldbus networks in Zone 2 and Division 2 hazardous areas.

MTL951 Hazardous area connectors

Ex d e hazardous area plug and socket connectors permit live connection & disconnection.

9331-TI 8-channel temperature multiplexer

The 9331-TI fieldbus multiplexer is a field-mounted temperature input block for 2- and 3- wire…

Fieldbus Test Equipment 1

Fieldbus diagnostic tools from the industry's leading supplier.

Process Junction Boxes (legacy)

Spacious junction boxes designed for fieldbus wiring components and multiplexers.


Redundant fieldbus power for Yokogawa CENTRUM 3000 R3 control system.

Intrinsically Safe Fieldbus Barriers (Legacy)

(Legacy Products) NEW MTL Fieldbus Barrier provides live-working ability in hazardous areas.

Classic Single-Segment Power Supplies

Established FPS-D/DT and MTL5995 ranges for small/medium scale networks

Classic Redundant Fieldbus Power Supplies

Multi segment power supplies for fieldbus networks