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AMS Alarm Management Software

The Alarm Management Software has been designed as a ready to use standard package to provide alarm display information in conjunction with RTK Annunciators, Event Recorders and Alarm Systems and is a powerful graphical Human Machine Interface (HMI). The AMS Software is designed to provide the user with the ability to view, store and export alarm and event data dynamically or for later analysis.

The operator can see the occurrence of new alarms, clearly showing the channel, priority/group, time/date and when the alarm has returned to normal.

The standard package will suit most alarm monitoring applications although this package can be used as a platform to create custom Alarm Management Software for more complex display or analysis requirements.

The software provides an easy method of viewing current alarms and historical data as well as being able to filter by time, text or priority and to export to databases or spreadsheets for further analysis.

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