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Legacy Products

Legacy Products

Eaton is committed to a policy of continuous improvement for all of its manufactured products. The information contained on these legacy product pages is meant to provide reference data for discontinued items from the MTL product line only.

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MTL E-range

A range of galvanic isolators in 19-inch Eurocard format.

MTL (SR) Series

Products that come with certified reliability data, giving the safety system designer a known quantity.

MTL2000 range

The MTL2000 range of isolators are mains powered, DIN-rail or surface mounting devices.

MTL3000 Series

MTL3000 Series interface units were a compact and easy-to-use means for communicating safely with process…

MTL4000 Series

The MTL4500 series, with enhanced functionality and features, has now replaced the MTL4000 series for…

MTL4500/5500 Range

Isolates hazardous and safe area circuits. Simplifies installation and avoids earth-loop problems.

MTL4700 Series

A range of multi-channel barriers designed specifically for backplane mounting.

MTL5000 range

Many MTL5000 modules have now been superseded by their equivalent in the new MTL5500 range.

MTL646 / 647 range

IS text and graphic displays

MTL660 range

The MTL660 range indicators are loop powered units and the low voltage drop across the…

MTL700 range

Please note some of this range is now discontinued or available for 'Last Time Buy'

MTL7000 Series

Award winning barrier design that created the slimmest barrier on the market. A compact, DIN…

MTL830 range Multiplexers

MTL830 range multiplexers with Modbus outputs avoid the need to isolate each instrument loop. Reduce…