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K1550 - Hydrogen, Helium, Argon and Xenon Gas Analyzer (Panel Mount)

  • Gases measured include hydrogen, carbon dioxide CO2 and argon
  • Hazardous area sensor option
  • 4 to 20mA isolated output
  • Two user-configurable alarms
  • Programmable alarms and analogue output
  • Maintenance free sensor

The K1550 accurately measures the changes of one constituent in binary or pseudo-binary gas mixture, i.e. mixtures in which only one constituent changes. Examples include hydrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, helium and various halogenated hydrocarbons such as Freons. Almost any single constituent of a gas mixture can be measured providing its thermal conductivity differs from that of the other components. Ranges from high ppm to 100% are possible depending on the gas being measured.

A katharometer sensor measures the thermal conductivity of the gas. The sensor incorporates a highly sensitive, non-depleting element of low thermal capacity, which requires no maintenance. Signal processing and temperature compensation are provided by a microprocessor to give a level of accuracy and a range not normally associated with this type of sensor. Little or no calibration is required because of the system’s inherent high stability.

Measured values are presented on a large, clear LCD which also displays messages and prompts for the menu driven configuration and calibration routines.

Two concentration alarms provide visual (LED) indication and volt-free changeover contacts. They are user configurable for function (High, Low or Off) and hysteresis value.

A high-level 4 to 20mA output is provided; the span can be user programmed on most models.

The instrument is packaged in a standard DIN panel-mounting enclosure (96 x 144mm) with an optional locking door to IP54 sealing standard. The sensor can either be mounted within the enclosure or remotely, depending upon the application.


For hazardous area applications, the sensor may be mounted remotely in the hazardous area and connected to the electronics unit in the safe area through a suitable MTL intrinsically safe interface.

For sampling, a variety of systems is available and any necessary pumps, filters and take-off tubes can also be supplied.

If oxygen measurement is also required, the KG1550 is a dual gas analyser which measures oxygen and one other gas.

(Please note: the KG1550 Analyser is only available outside of Europe and the European Economic Area (EEA). Contact us for more details about our katarometer technology and range of thermal conductivity analysers.

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