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Ammonia Analysers (NH3)

Ammonia, NH3, is an anhydrous compound of nitrogen and hydrogen. By using an Ammonia Dissociator, the anhydrous ammonia can be separated or “cracked” into its constituent components of Nitrogen and Hydrogen, thus providing a cost effective way to generate hydrogen.

When ammonia dissociates it does so according to the following chemical equation: 2NH3 → N2 + 3H2

Hydrogen, ammonia and nitrogen will be present in precise proportions depending on the degree of dissociation and so it is important to measure the percentage dissociation of ammonia for process control and optimisation.

Hydrogen has a significantly different thermal conductivity to ammonia and nitrogen, which means that a measurement of the mixture’s thermal conductivity allows the amount of hydrogen and hence the amount of ammonia to be calculated.

The MTL katharometer based thermal conductivity analysers are ideal for making measurements of these mixtures and can be configured to provide output of % Hydrogen, % Ammonia or % Dissociation.

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