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9211-ET Tofino™ Hardware Security Appliance

Please note that this product has been discontinued. The information contained on this page is for reference use only.

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Product Termination Notice and Last Time Buy
Statement issued Last Time Buy Replacements and notes
16th March 2016 30th June 2016 9202-ETS MTL Tofino™


The 9211-ET Tofino™ Industrial Security System is our unique, 1st generation solution that addresses the important issue of protecting Industrial Networks from modern cyber-security attacks.

It was launched in 2007, an advanced cybersecurity solution for Industrial Control System networks.

With the increasing awareness of the requirement for industrial network security, a large installed base of 9211-ET classic Tofino security solution has been established. Therefore we are pleased to introduce our second generation 9202-ETS MTL Tofino security solution. For new installations the 9211-ET has now been superceeded by the 9202-ETS. We recommend that users with an installed base of 9211-ET plan a migration from the 9510-CMP Central Management Platform to the 9511-TC Tofino Configurator. Please contact MTL Tofino support to plan migration to the Tofino Configurator.

The classic Tofino Security Solution comprised of three elements – the Tofino Hardware Security Appliance (9211-ET), the Tofino Central Management Platform (9510-CMP) and the Tofino Loadable Security Modules (9520-XXX).

Simple to Install

The conventional approach is to employ a standard, but highly complex, “IT-style” firewall. Such methods are complicated and require highly-trained staff to install and manage them. Tofino™ was designed with its environment, the level of staffing and the needs of industry in mind. As a result, a field technician can simply attach power to a Tofino™ appliance, connect two network cables and then walk away – it’s that simple to install.

Centralised Control

From there, the company security staff can sit at a central management platform (CMP) and configure and monitor any system with ease, reacting to threats in a coordinated and company-wide manner. Best of all, the system has the flexibility to adapt to a small plant with a single PLC, or meet the needs of a multi-national organization with thousands of critical devices scattered around the globe.


By deploying Tofino™ security appliances directly in front of each control device (or group of devices) that needs protection, they provide SCADA and process control companies with a layered security solution for their systems. This in turn allows a “defence-in-depth” strategy to be used, so if a hacker or virus penetrates or bypasses a main corporate firewall, they will still be faced with an array of SCADA-focused security devices that need to be breached before any damage can be done.

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