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Yokogawa have been providing MTL integrated Intrinsically Safe (IS) solutions as part of their system platforms for over 20 years. During this period the solutions we offer have been expanded to include FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus, surge protection, network security and communication products. As a major supplier to Yokogawa many MTL products and solutions are designed to meet the demands of the modern high technology control industries and provide both Yokogawa and their end customers great value.

Why choose MTL products

  • Tested & approved solutions for Centum VP and ProSafe-RS systems to ensure plant reliability
  • Long standing, trusted provider of Intrinsic Safety solutions to Yokogawa, with a wealth of experience and expertise for peace of mind and support
  • The most diverse product offering in the process control industry that delivers improvement in operational performance and safety

New - Yokogawa universal N-IO - Intrinsic Safety Interfaces

For Intrinsic Safety applications Yokogawa has partnered with Eaton MTL in the development of an integrated backplane for CENTUM VP release 6 and now the ProSafe-RS release 4, where the N-IO modules are mounted next to the MTL4500 series IS isolators. Standard Yokogawa system connections for the redundant communication busses are provided along with seperate power feeds for the N-IO modules and MTL isolators.

  • Left & right hand mounting
  • Single or dual redundant N-IO configurations
  • Line Diagnostics
  • Detection of isolator type fitted and compatability with I/O type selected for a specific channel

Read more information about the release of our Yokogawa N-IO IS solution

Below are some specific Yokogawa custom solution datasheets and further information, however all MTL’s standard products and supporting documentation can still be found through the usual product areas. Various brochures & posters can be found within our resource section or you can downloaded our specific Yokogawa versions here.

If you cannot find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Product Code Description Downloads
MTL4514N   1 ch switch/prox detector, LFD, phase reversal Datasheet 
MTL4521Y   1 ch loop powered solenoid/alarm driver Datasheet 
MTL4523Y   1 ch solenoid / alarm driver with LFD Datasheet 
MTL4541Y   1 ch 2/3 wire transmitter repeater, HART Datasheet 
MTL4541YA   1 ch 4-20mA transmitter repeater, passive input Datasheet 
MTL4545Y   1 ch 4-20mA HART isolating driver with LFD Datasheet 
MTL4573Y   1 ch temperature converter, THC or RTD Datasheet