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Fieldbus Power Supplies

We have a rich source of fieldbus power supplies that provide reliable power for Foundation fieldbus networks in safe and hazardous areas. From bulk power sources, through general purpose to fully redundant supplies to energy limited power supplies for full live working in hazardous area applications; we have a solution to meet your fieldbus requirements.

The wide range of power supplies can be easily integrated into your choice of control system with a range of solutions to integrate with all fieldbus control system suppliers.

Hazardous area applications are supported with the High Energy Trunk redundant or isolated power supplies integrated with wiring components or Energy Limited Trunk with FISCO (Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept) power supplies for Zone 1/Div 1 locations.

Choose from the following options to find a solution to suit your requirements.

For a copy of the fieldbus SmartPlant Instrumentation (SPI) library <click here>

Displaying products in Fieldbus Power Supplies

Redundant Fieldbus Power Supplies

High-density power supply systems for general purpose and 'High Energy Trunk' applications

Single-Segment Fieldbus Power Supplies

DIN-rail power supplies for small/medium-scale networks, including 'eco-powered' applications.

Redundant FISCO Power Supplies

Power supply redundancy for Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept networks achieves class-leading levels of system availability.

Simplex FISCO Power Supplies

Classic Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe COncept (FISCO) power supplies provide fully live-workable networks in hazardous areas.