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Bus Interface Modules (BIM’s)

Please note that the following from the MTL8000 range has been terminated. Please contact us* for advice on the products listed in the Last Time Buy table below.

Product Termination Notice and 'Last time buy'
Statement issued Product Last Time Buy
Replacements and notes
03 November 2016 8502-BI-DP 31st January 2017 8507-BI-DP  PROFIBUS DP MULTIBIM + 8701-CA-BI carrier*
03 November 2016 8505-BI-MB 31st January 2017 8521-EB-MT Modbus TCP and RTU BIM + 8750-CA-NS/8751-CA-NS*

An MTL8000 node uses a Bus Interface Module (BIM) to communicate with the host controller via a local area network (LAN). Different BIMs can be chosen to operate with a range of popular fieldbus protocols. The BIM mounts on a carrier and receives all of its communication and power links from it. The BIM uses the RS485 communications standard. Other alternatives are RS422, by changing switches (where available) on the carrier, or RS232 by fitting an in-line converter. Switch options sometimes offer alternative methods for terminating the LAN. Some BIMs also have a second LAN connection to maintain communications in the event of damage occurring to the main communications link.

Product Code Description Downloads

intrinsically safe logo Symbol denotes that the equipment is suitable for use in hazardous area applications.
fsm logo Symbol denotes that the product has been assessed for functional safety applications

  BIM Overview Datasheet 
8502-BI-DP  BIM, Profibus protocol Datasheet 
8505-BI-MB  BIM, Modbus protocol Datasheet 
8507-BI-DP  BIM, Profibus protocol Datasheet 
8510-MO-NS  Node Services Module Datasheet 
8512-IF-HA  HART Interface Module Datasheet 
8521-EB-MT  BIM, Ethernet protocol Datasheet