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8000 2/1 Modules

All I/O modules are connected to a high speed Bus Interface Module (BIM) via a proprietary bus system called “Railbus” and one BIM can control up to 32 modules. The module carrier provides the transmission medium for the Railbus and by plugging a module onto a carrier, connections are made between the module and the bus. The connectors on the carrier also provide the power supply links to the module. Additionally, 2/1 modules can use intrinsically safe wiring to send and receive signals into hazardous areas.

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intrinsically safe logo Symbol denotes that the equipment is suitable for use in hazardous area applications.
fsm logo Symbol denotes that the product has been assessed for functional safety applications

1. Analogue Input Modules
8201-HI-IS   8-channel, 4 - 20mA with HART Datasheet 
8230-AI-IS   8-channel, 0 - 10V / potentiometer Datasheet 
2. Analogue Output Modules
8202-HO-IS   8-channel, 4 - 20mA with HART Datasheet 
8204-AO-IS   8-channel, 4 - 20mA Datasheet 
3. Discrete Input Modules
8220-DI-IS   16 (8) channel, switch/proximity detector Datasheet 
4. Discrete Output Modules
8215-DO-IS   4-channel, solenoid driver, IIC gas groups Datasheet 
5. THC and RTD Modules
8205-TI-IS   8-channel, THC and mV Datasheet 
8206-TI-IS   8-channel, RTD and Ohm Datasheet 
6. Pulse Input Modules
8223-PI-IS   2-channel, pulse/quadrature input Datasheet