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With process plants now spread over wide areas and the demand for more information, the transfer of electrical signals present many challenges. High power devices mixed in with low level signal transfer generates an environment which has an adverse effect on the ability to control and measure the processes.

Signal conditioning makes a major contribution to resolving issues such as varying grounding potentials, reducing signal noise and eliminating earth loops. It also protects sensitive control equipment from dangerous voltages. All these benefits add up to reduced down time, fewer failures, greater product yield and significant cost savings.

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MTL SUM5 Smart Universal Marshalling5848

With revolutionary features the MTL SUM5 Smart Universal Marshalling solution combines five key functions in…

MTL4600 range

Backplane mounting signal isolators for safe-area applications.

MTL1000 range

Slimline, easy to install signal conditioning interfaces and trip amplifiers for general purpose applications