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Welcome to the Honeywell Process Solutions portal provided by MTL.

Designed in conjunction with Honeywell, MTL Integrated Solutions allow users to efficiently interface field signals to Honeywell systems thus keeping life cycle costs to a minimum.

Integrated solutions are available for both the MTL4000 Series Galvanically Isolated, Intrinsically Safe (GI/IS) units and the MTL4840 Series, HART maintenance system for connection to the Honeywell TPS, Chassis IO, Experion PKS and FSC/Safety Manager PKS Systems.

Whatever the application MTL has an integrated solution to allow simple, flexible and space effective connection to the range of Honeywell systems. Installations worldwide show that users everywhere recognise the quality and reliability of MTL Integrated Solutions.

Displaying products in Honeywell

TS Series

TS Series protection devices provide full 10 pair surge protection in a single compact unit.

TP-Pipe range

The TP-Pipe surge protection device safeguards field-mounted process transmitters where it matters, right at the…