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FOUNDATION fieldbus™ H1 provides an open, nonproprietary fieldbus network for control systems and field instruments. FOUNDATION™ H1 is intended primarily for process control, field-level interface and device integration. Foundation Fieldbus technology interconnects devices such as transmitters and actuators on a field network and supports a wide range of architectures, for both safe and hazardous area applications.

Why Choose us?
MTL FOUNDATION fieldbus™ physical layer components make it easy to complete any fieldbus installation between control system and field instruments. Conditioned power supplies, fieldbus barriers and Megablock™ wiring hubs cover every application in safe and hazardous areas, providing the highest levels of availability, whilst maintaining a common architecture that is independent of the Zone or Division of use.

Integrated, approved fieldbus solutions
We work closely with all major fieldbus control system vendors to develop integrated fieldbus power supply systems and compatible field wiring components. Power supply solutions typically support multiple fieldbus segments, and have a direct connection to the host controller via system cables. They provide a range of benefits such as lower engineering costs, faster assembly, cabinet space savings and reduced hardware costs. MTL’s fieldbus power supplies and wiring components are tested and approved according to rigorous control system vendor programmes, demonstrating compatibility and allowing the user to select system components with confidence.

To assist in understanding the basics of FOUNDATION and the value of FOUNDATION fieldbus™ vs older technologies such as 4-20mA, the FieldComm Group™ (formerly Fieldbus Foundation) ‘The Power of Digital for your Process Devices’ brochure (US version) is now available for download.

To download a copy of the MTL Fieldbus solutions brochure click here

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Fieldbus Power Supplies

Redundant, non-redundant and hazardous area fieldbus power supplies, all with isolation between bulk input and…

Fieldbus Wiring Components

Megablock wiring hubs, fieldbus barriers, terminators, junction boxes, spur connectors, etc. Essentials for segment wiring.

Fieldbus Diagnostics and Displays

Fieldbus displays and physical layer diagnostics.

Fieldbus Software Tools

Software to help you in build your network efficiently.

Fieldbus Test Equipment

Fieldbus diagnostic tools from the industry's leading supplier.