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We are a world leader in products designed for use in hazardous areas where there is a probability of explosive atmospheres.

Our products range from industry renowned (IS) barriers and isolators through to sophisticated process control products, all designed for the harsh environments often encountered in the process industry.

As part of our ‘Customer Committment’ process, we regularly produce educational reference material to assist users in understanding the latest EU regulations and directives.

  • To download the latest Flammable Facts poster click here
  • To download the latest ATEX poster click here
  • For more information about MTL Functional Safety Management click here.
  • To download a copy of the MTL IS solutions brochure click here. (Please note this is a 12MB file)

Displaying products in MTL Intrinsic Safety

MTL SUM5 Smart Universal Marshalling5848

With revolutionary features the MTL SUM5 Smart Universal Marshalling solution combines five key functions in…

Intrinsically Safe Zener Barriers

A simple yet highly flexible form of IS safety interface. Our classic product, compact and…

Intrinsically Safe Isolators

Isolates hazardous and safe area circuits. Simplifies installation and avoids earth-loop problems.

Intrinsically Safe Indicators

Display process information in the hazardous area. Loop-powered displays, backlight options.

TI Multiplexers

Cuts installation and cable costs for temperature inputs. Saves installation time, space and weight.

9470 Gigabit IS Ethernet range

The 9470 product range provides cost-effective Intrinsically Safe (IS) Gigabit Ethernet equipment that can be…

Intrinsically Safe Power Supplies

The 949x-PS range of MTL intrinsically safe (IS) isolated power supplies are ideal for providing…