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Introducing the “Spring clamp” and “High current” version in MTL SD Modular (SDM) range of data & signal surge protection providing the ultimate surge protection solution for process automation, instrumentation and communications networks. Spring clamp terminals are vibration resistant and reduces the wiring time of SPDs. It also simplifies the regular inspection of connections to SPD.

The MTL SD Modular (SDM) is based upon the proven reliability of the well-established MTL SD range and adds additional features such as modularity for ease of maintenance with the proven full hybrid surge design, delivering the highest 20kA level of protection within a compact 7mm, modular design.

Available in a range of voltages 7V,16V,32V & 55V with a current capacity of 700mA and 4A for “High Current”, the MTL SDM addresses a wide variety of applications and represents a step forward in surge protection designed for process control environments.

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Modular design concept for ease of maintenance


All the active surge protection components are contained within the pluggable module, allowing quick removal without disconnecting the wiring. Replacement costs are reduced, too, as only the modular part needs to be changed.

Compact 7mm footprint for high packing density

The MTL SDM range offers the same slim-line 7mm footprint of that of the MTL SD range, increasing the packing density, resulting in saving both space and cost, which potentially reduces the number of cabinets needed.

Make before break for signal continuity


The optional innovative ‘make before break’ design ensures uninterrupted signal and loop protection upon removal or replacement of the surge module during maintenance. The signal to DCS shows no interruption avoiding nuisance alarms.

LED diagnostics for quick, visual fault indication

A diagnostic LED option is available to provide a clear, visual indication of a failed module so that faults can be identified and rectified immediately.

Fuse and/or disconnect for ease of testing and commissioning

Additional options include a Fuse to give extra protection against fault currents and a convenient disconnect method for isolating field circuitry without module removal.

Upgrading made easy

The MTL SDM is backwards compatible with the MTL SD range which means users can quickly and easily upgrade to the MTL SDM when next carrying out maintenance upgrades and take advantage of these great new features.

MTL data surge tester to ensure continuous high-level protection

The MTL data surge tester is a versatile and compact, bench-top device designed to give performance status of data communication surge protectors. Continuity and current leakage tests are made quick and easy during routine maintenance or troubleshooting, with LED’s to indicate surge module health, validating the integrity of the surge protection to ensure safety and continuous high-level protection on your systems.

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