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21 June 2017 15th December 2017
Migrate to MTL4500 range
Products: E02002, E02007, E02008, E02009, E05016, E05510

The MTL E range is a limited range of high quality galvanic isolators, in 19-inch Eurocard format. All MTL Eurocard interface devices conform to the DIN41494 Eurocard standard and also to NAMUR EMC standards. The IS versions are ATEX, PTB or TÜV certified to CENELEC standards. The Eurocard range provides common functions, including HART® compatibility, so that most installations can be designed easily around the 19-inch cards. They operate with a 24V ac/dc supply or are loop powered.

  • Wide choice of input/output options.
  • Three-port isolation–input, output and power supply isolated from each other.
  • 24V ac/dc supply or loop powered.
  • High transfer accuracy.
  • Units conform to NAMUR EMC standards.
  • Intrinsically safe models. ATEX, PTB or TÜV certified to CENELEC standards.

The range of interface functions available has been reduced from 2015 onwards. Check with us for availability.

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