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GIR250 - Oxygen and carbon dioxide analyser (Bench Top)

  • Dual measurement in one instrument
  • Transportable lab style case
  • Programmable outputs and alarms
  • Intuitive and easy to use

The GIR250 is designed to monitor percentage levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in a single, robust unit.

Based on our galvanic (electrochemical ) cell measuring principle for oxygen measurement, and the infra-red principle for carbon dioxide, the GIR250 provides a permanent display of both gases up to a resolution of 0.01%. The instrument can be pre-programmed with pass/fail criteria for each of the gases, and results can be transferred to external recording/logging devices using the 4-20mA outputs.

The key design philosophy is to provide a simple to use, reliable instrument providing accurate repeatable results over the whole of its range. Calibration is very simple using the front panel keypad and can be carried out with little or no training

Cost of ownership is very low, containing a nondepleting infra-red sensor and a user-serviceable replacement galvanic cell.

Ease of use and reliability—a good combination.devices.

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INM 130-0098   GIR250 Datasheet  Manual