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Preliminary Results for year ending

2007 03 01

The MTL Instruments Group plc

Preliminary Results for the year ended 31 December 2006

The MTL Instruments Group plc is recognised as a world leader in the development and supply of
Intrinsic Safety, Process Control and Surge Protection products aimed at the process control and
telecommunications industries. Many of the world’s safety-critical processes are monitored,
controlled or protected by MTL products and the Group is distinguished by its global network of
sales and support centres and by its acknowledged position as a thought leader in this high
technology marketplace.

MTL has recently developed solutions which enable process control systems to be devolved from
the control room onto the process plant itself giving benefits of improved control, integrity and
cost savings. This has involved the combination of the Group’s four core technologies – Intrinsic
Safety, Surge Protection, Visualisation and Open Control Platforms.

Performance Summary
Year ended
31 December 2006 Year ended
31 December 2005 Change
Orders £87.4m £76.6m +14%
Sales £85.3m £74.2m +15%
Profit before tax £8.4m £7.2m +17%
Basic EPS 28.7p 25.7p +12%
Dividend per share 7.5p 7.0p +7%


• Strong top-line orders and sales, driven by good market conditions
• Solid investment activity in our major markets: oil and gas, petrochemical and pharmaceutical sectors
• All businesses achieved growth in 2006, the highest growth coming from Hazardous Areas and Visualisation
• MOST achieved break-even in the second half of 2006
• Dividend increased

Malcolm Coster, Chairman of The MTL Instruments Group plc, commented: “I am delighted to report a record year for MTL. We saw strong growth across the board and conditions continue to be buoyant, which should ensure that we make further revenue and earnings progress in 2007.
This is despite the fact that the US dollar and euro exchange rates to sterling are weaker compared to 2006.”

For further information:
Graeme Philp 01582 407250
Chief Executive, The MTL Instruments Group plc

Terry Garrett / Stephanie Badjonat 020 7067 0700
Weber Shandwick Financial

Details: Preliminary Results link to preliminary statement PDF (in PDF format - 77.5kB)