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“ONE-CORE”  technology powers next-generation Intrinsically safe isolators

2008 01 28
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Intrinsic Safety (IS) interface specialists MTL are introducing two new IS isolator ranges that will meet the vast majority of current and future user applications. The backplane mounted MTL4500 and DIN-rail mounted MTL5500 series represent the next-generation in IS isolator design. Both ranges are unique, being based on a proprietary “One-Core” technology that makes for the extensive use of automation in manufacture. This ensures the highest quality and availability whilst maintaining maximum flexibility at lowest cost. Incorporating advanced circuit design, a common set of components and innovative transformer construction, the new modules achieve a significant reduction in power consumption while increasing channel packing densities. Other user benefits include 3-port isolation, low power dissipation and a quick install/release mechanism. The backplane mounted MTL4500 Series is designed with the requirements of system vendors in mind, for ‘project focused’ applications such as Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD) and Fire and Gas monitoring (F&G). The reduced power consumption and high efficiency of the isolators enables high signal densities to be achieved, together with improved freedom in cabinet layout and design. Easy integration with the input/output assemblies of control or safety instrumentation systems not only simplifies project engineering, but also reduces installation and maintenance costs. MTL has an extensive range of solutions for all major system suppliers and the unique connection arrangement enables new custom solutions to be quickly generated to meet customer demand. The MTL4500 Series is also compatible with the industry standard MTL4000 Series, so existing modules can be replaced with items from the new range, thus protecting substantial customer investments. The new MTL5500 Series is DIN-rail mounting and meets the needs of the IS interface market for “application focused” projects. These range from single instrument loops, through various combinations and enclosures, to fully equipped cabinets across all industries where hazardous areas exist. Within the slim, compact housing, the range of module options contains both single and multiple channel devices which enable the user to choose the functionality and integrity needed without sacrificing cabinet space. The modules can be used for a wide variety of interface tasks for process instrumentation, routing all signal wiring through removable, coded connectors which facilitates fast installation and simple maintenance procedures. By sharing common connector elements, the MTL5500 Series modules can directly replace MTL5000 Series devices, thus keeping system downtime to a minimum. According to Dermot Coady, Marketing Director of MTL, “MTL have always been recognised as a technology leader and the introduction of these new intrinsic safety isolators will reinforce that reputation. With project timescales and constraints becoming ever tighter, control system vendors and end-users are looking for a source they can trust to deliver and implement their IS interface requirements quickly and effectively. Through the innovative use of transformer technology and other advanced electronics, our engineers have produced a product that meets these needs.