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Next generation in Biogas measurement - The MTL GIR6000 Biogas Analyser

2014 07 15
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Power management company Eaton has launched a new ‘next generation’ MTL GIR6000 biogas analyser to help ensure reliable, accurate measurement of gases in biogas production. The MTL GIR6000 gas analyser is the first truly modular biogas analyser, requiring minimal maintenance and enabling process engineers and biogas plant managers to reduce downtime and improve their processes.

“Our newest modular gas analyser is designed to meet and exceed the measurement needs of the biogas industry,” says Iain Gordon, Gas Analysis Product Line Manager at Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Division. “With more than 30 years of experience in gas analysis, our team has developed a simple-to-use, high performance fit-and-forget solution, which enables process managers and engineers to increase uptime, with low cost of ownership.”

The MTL GIR6000 analyser uses an innovative modular concept that makes it user-serviceable and reduces lifetime service costs through quick and easy maintenance procedures that require no special tools or training. As a result, service engineer site visits are largely avoided with the guidance of the built-in self-diagnostic routines and pre-configured intelligent sensor modules.

The gas sensor modules can be individually replaced – simply slide in and lock with an automatic seal integrity check – which helps to ensure minimal downtime, increased process efficiency and reduced operational maintenance cost.

The analyser can measure up to six gases, including methane, oxygen and hydrogen sulphide, and is designed with dedicated sensor modules and long-life, established sensor technology to provide continuous, accurate and reliable readings. The integrated platform concept makes it easy to upgrade the MTL GIR6000 analyser to meet future demands as the plant’s measurement needs evolve.

The MTL GIR6000 analyser is designed to be secure and reliable. It requires key-lock access and PIN-codes to change the key parameters making the data safe. Setting up the unit on-site is facilitated by the large bright 7-inch LCD display and rugged keypad as well as an intuitive menu-driven structure. The display provides a clear visual warning when there is a system fault or when a sensor is reaching the end of its life-cycle, allowing users to predict or plan maintenance requirements. Data is transmitted to the plant host system through a number of communication methods, allowing live real-time data to be monitored remotely.

The MTL GIR6000 analyser is an integrated IP65 weatherproof solution and is ATEX approved for Zone 2 Hazardous Areas for installation flexibility around the biogas plant.

Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds business has extensive hazardous area knowledge and experience built on protecting equipment in a wide range of industries, extending to the biogas markets with the same professional approach.

MTL products, part of Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds portfolio, provide leading electronic instrumentation and protection capabilities for the process control industries. Key applications include intrinsic safety, fieldbus, industrial networking, surge protection, HMI and visualisation, gas analysis and alarm management.

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