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New range of Signal Conditioners for general purpose applications

2014 11 19
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Eaton’s New Signal Conditioners Enable Plants to Reduce Operational Costs

We are pleased to have launched a new series of signal conditioners for safe-area applications – the MTL1000 range. Process managers can now specify Eaton’s signal conditioners for all areas of their plant, enabling them to reduce the complexity of their supply chain and save on operational costs. The MTL1000 range is designed to ensure reliable and high quality communication between the field device and control units located in the plant and is ideal for safe areas in the oil and gas industry, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical plants.

The compact MTL1000 range is exceptionally quick and easy-to-install. It features a special power system which reduces wiring by up to 30 percent and lowers installation time and associated costs. With less wiring, risk of installation error is also reduced, assisting with on-time plant start-up and improved reliability over the lifetime of the installation. In addition, more space is available in the panel board which allows for a higher density of signal conditioners.

“For large installations of signal conditioners, a wiring reduction of up to 30 percent can save a lot of space and allow users to have clear access to the modules,” says Roger Highton, MTL product line manager, Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds division. “With the new MTL1000 range, we bring more than 40 years of hazardous area experience and industry expertise to safe-area applications, enabling customers to benefit from a single source supplier that will enhance the integrity of their supply chain and lead to cost savings. Using the MTL1000 range, our customers can now specify reliable signal conditioners for use throughout their plants, in both hazardous and safe areas.”

Eaton’s intrinsically safe isolators are reliable in hazardous areas and the new MTL1000 range complements this range and offers high quality signal conditioning for general purpose applications. With an operating temperature range of -25º to +60º C, the MTL1000 range is designed for long-term protection with a product life in excess of 10 years in even the most demanding of environments.

Eaton’s signal conditioners use galvanic isolation which is designed to prevent transmission and control errors which can lead to an interruption in the safe processing and monitoring of control signals. The MTL1000 range is engineered to make sure that excessive voltages and noise do not affect the overall communication and can amplify, convert or isolate signals. The new signal conditioners provide excellent protection for equipment and personnel, so equipment and plants can operate safely and efficiently.

In addition, the MTL1000 range is backed by Eaton’s global technical support team enabling users and systems integrators to simplify their design engineering.

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