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NEW range of HART multiplexers for access to valuable process data

2015 01 20
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Eaton’s new HART® Multiplexers Provide Overall Communication Solution for Plant Safety and Monitoring

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new range of MTL HART multiplexers that provide a reliable link between field devices and plant control systems. They enable users to reduce unscheduled plant downtime and increase reliability through predictive maintenance diagnostics as part of a plant asset management strategy. There are three new multiplexers in the range, the MTL4851, MTL4852 and MTL4854 which are designed to communicate with process instruments supporting the latest HART Standard.

Creating a simple interface between smart devices in the field to HART enabled communication systems, the MTL4851 and MTL4852 multiplexers provide a scalable solution from 16 to 256 channels/node in a compact, easily configurable package. With auto-detection of communication parameters, no switches on the modules, and up to three times faster scan than comparable products, users can make significant savings in commissioning time, associated costs and reduce project risk.

When combined, the MTL4851 and MTL4852 multiplexers provide a communication system for access to device health and process data and the modules can be connected on one network giving access to approximately 8,000 devices. Simply connected to Ethernet networks with the ET-485 accessory, the multiplexers offer the lowest cost per channel in the MTL range.

The new MTL4854 multiplexer provides four HART modems for 32 channels, which enables users to access multiple devices simultaneously; for example, if one channel is being used for partial stroke testing in valve positioner diagnostics, the user can continue to monitor other channels. As such, plant managers can carry out parallel communications, giving them consistent access to data which can be used to optimise their process.

The new multiplexers are an addition to the existing range which includes the MTL4850 HART multiplexer that is certified for connection to process safety instrumentation that is rated up to SIL3 category.

“With the new multiplexers, we can offer up to three times improvement in performance to suit all users’ requirements, whether for retrofit or new applications,” says Andrew Ingrey, MTL Technical Manager at Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Division. “At Eaton we strive to make it easy for our customers to install equipment in order to keep downtime to a minimum. Plant engineers can quickly install the HART multiplexers and thanks to the advanced features, minimal set-up and configuration is required.”

The Eaton MTL HART multiplexers are compatible with process control systems using traditional I/O, for new installation or upgrades, intrinsically safe or general purpose applications. The system is completely modular and scalable allowing users to grow the system easily to the size they require. Connectivity is supplied through standard and bespoke backplanes with intrinsic safety and general purpose termination boards available. The range can be used with all Field Device Tool (FDT) based software packages through the MTL HART multiplexer Device Type Manager (DTM) which can be downloaded here and are also supported by the latest AMS Device Manager package.

For more information on our new range of HART multiplexers click here.