Eaton MTL

MTL Instruments Group




2006 02 02

MTL-Relcom has launched what is seen as the “next generation” in fieldbus power systems, the F800 series. Designed for large-scale installations, the F800 series represents the ‘state-of-the-art’ in high-density, redundant fieldbus power supplies. Designed to achieve low per-segment cost and high packing density in large fieldbus installations, the F800 series uses 8-channel power supply modules in a redundant format on a passive base – the ‘Naked Carrier’ concept. With up to 50% space saving over existing fieldbus power supplies, the highest levels of system availability are achieved by eliminating all single points of failure. Savings in hardware overhead means that the F800 can provide redundant fieldbus power for the same cost as previous generation ‘simplex’ systems – so redundancy comes for free. image The F800 Series power supplies are available in a wide variety of formats for easy integration into leading fieldbus control systems. Using standard system cables, the F800 can be integrated with Yokogawa Centum CS3000 and Honeywell Experion/PKS architectures, whilst Emerson DeltaV and other carrier-based installations can be integrated using conventional cabling techniques. A key feature of the F800 Series is the network monitoring option, which continuously monitors the health of installed fieldbus segments. This can speed the fault-finding of errant networks, providing valuable information on the health of the physical layer. Parameters measured include segment voltages, signal levels of all devices and noise in three bands. Fieldbus-to-shield short circuits and improperly terminated wiring are also indicated.