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2006 07 01

MTL has introduced its new Generic Comms DTM (Device Type Manager), which will enable MTL’s MTL4840 HART connection system, MTL8000 Process I/O and its MOST controllers to pass HART data to any Instrument Maintenance software (IMS) packages utilising the FDT/DTM* concept. Aimed at Instrument and Maintenance Engineers who wish to continue to save costs by utilising on-line HART data, the Comms DTM software, developed to the latest FDT specification v1.2, is available for download free of charge to PC’s running the IMS package.

The introduction of the Comms DTM reflects MTL’s commitment to Open Systems and further extends MTL’s ability to communicate with the leading HART maintenance software packages. The new FDT/DTM offering means that MTL customers who want to upgrade to FDT-based IMS packages can do so and thus implement the latest online communication and configuration technologies in their plant.
The MTL Comms DTM software is protected by a licence and, unlike some competitive offerings, is available for downloading free of charge from the MTL website. Supporting the FDT specification v1.2, the software is compatible with any other FDT Frame or Device DTM designed to the same specification.

*The FDT/DTM concept has been developed by the FDT (Field Device Tool) Group, formed by the leading companies involved in the process automation industry. The group devised an open international standard, the FDT/DTM, to simplify communications between all instruments, devices, calibrators, asset management software and DCS (Distributed Control Systems) systems. MTL has been a member of the FDT Group since 2003.

According to the standard, all instrument and device manufacturers develop DTM software describing their devices, containing all the device’s norms and graphic user dialogues. The DTM undertakes device configuration and provides device documentation. The FDT is the container application in which the DTM runs.