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MTL4850 Hart Multiplexer gains SIL3 rating for functional-safety related loops

2013 04 30
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MTL Instruments is pleased to announce the launch of the SIL3 rated MTL4850 Hart Multiplexer. MTL is known worldwide as an intrinsic safety interface specialist, and now takes the lead in functional safety components by introducing the SIL3 rated MTL4850 Hart Multiplexer for connection to instrument loops performing safety functions up to and including Safety Integrity Level SIL3.

MTL’s multiplexer is designed to ensure that there is no effect on the analogue loops to which it is connected; multiple concurrent faults in the components that couple the MTL4850 to the analogue loops would have to be present before the isolation would be compromised. The MTL4850 HART multiplexer does not itself implement a safety function but may be applied alongside measurement and control equipment that is providing a safety function.
Unique design features make the MTL4850 suitable for use in applications where the 4/20mA instrument loops, to which it is connected, are implementing safety functions up to SIL3 and the techniques used mean that systematic faults can be prevented.
The multiplexer provides a common bridge to access HART information for the signal channels that are connected to it, This is particularly important when the multiplexer is associated with signal loops that are feeding a safety shutdown system.

MTL continues to increase its functional safety product portfolio which demonstrates its commitment to comply with IEC61508:2010. Moreover, this certification as a Functional Safety Management Company demonstrates that MTL has processes and competence to design and market products according to the international standard. Hence MTL ensures the customer has the confidence to use MTL’s products in Safety Instrumented Systems.

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